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Lecture 1

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Michael Wells

Lecture 1 Before the 18 century, there was no Italy or German nation (there were German colonies) 1710--? Scotland becomes a part of Great Britain (which later turns out to be a mistake, and sparks separatism) th The idea of nationalism was big in the 18 century In the 18 century, there existed the idea that novels presented a moral o Later, these morals were criticized o It was questioned whether a particular novel made someone smarter or dumber (ex. Jersey Shore) At the beginning of the 18 century, novels were looked down upon; at the end of the century, it was deemed a high art form Adam Smith was an architect of capitalism who writes about the first ideas of free market In the 18 century, mass public was established o Who is the public? Popular culture that can shape an opinion Ex. Shakespeares public during plays, the public in churches But for novels, this public was huge 1640-1650 English civil war took place o Few people could read o After 1800s, literacy rates skyrocketed, especially in Scotland o Governments fund public learning o In the 1800s the licensing order of 1643 was repealed Licensing order dictated that if you were to publish something, it had to be passed by the government censor New ideas were banned After it was repealed and more people were reading, there was more freedom to say what you want
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