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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Michael Wells

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Lecture 6 Does Richardson live up to his bragging about Pamela? o Truth letter form o Since Pamela is writing after the fact, its still immediate and she just reports no time to reflect upon it herself Richardson claims that the letters are instructive o Psalms oh, theyre so true comments of character Like theyre trying to tell the audience Mr. B thinks its a comedy (by Shakespeares definition) o Pamela thinks its a tragedy The letter format gives an isolation cant see other perspective o This is why Mr. B wants access to her letters when he gets them, things turn for the better Mr. B offers everything but marriage After wedding o Pamela doesnt have correct exchange value to be Mrs. B Mr. B cant impose a chastity hes been with other others o We have to find a sort of virtue for him Pamela virginity really does equal virtue o Mr. B can still be virtuous without being a virgin How does Richardson do this? Pamelas preparation for high-life Lady Davers appears around p. 300 references o She thinks its a sham marriage Is she doing good? by stopping sham marriage Or bad? by stopping proper marriage
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