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Lecture 8

lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Andrew Du Bois

Lecture 8Wednesday October 05 2011909 AMHome burial Certain way in which it has an allegorical situation in itThe husband is analogues to the situation and is a reader having to interpret the actions of his wife The interpretive work that goes into the drama Both a straight forward analysis of the drama but also practically staged Frost gives direction Literature or poems try to present an equipment for living Imagining situation that are outside of the story and map it in one way or another Sometimes the piece is too tidy we can sum it up and paraphrase it But take the husband as an interpreter reading into the silence and the actions KiplingWe are in the same position as the Private not knowing Begins with a question leaving us with uncertainty Repetition military song Create order Question and answer dynamic Asserts the hierarchy someone is in charge of you is built into the poem Someone lower down has to answer to someone aboveDropping the Hs not an aristocrat Even though there is a hierarchy they use the same dialect Theyve been called to witness an execution that has a purpose orde
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