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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

EESA06Week 2Monday January 13 2014Lecture 2Continental Drift vs Plate Tectonics Formation of planet Earth 4 500 million years before present 45 Ga Continental Drift and Pangea 1912 Alfred Wegener oAlfred WegenerGerman geologist Sea floor spreading 1960 Harold Hess oBathometric MapShows the depth of the waterMagnetic Stripes on the ocean floor and wander paths for continents 1965 Fred Vine oFred VineGraduate student Mid ocean ridges and hot spots 1965 Tuzo Wilson oTuzo WilsonProfessor of geophysics Plate tectonics and Wilson Cycle 1967 Tuzo Wilson Reassembling Pangea Wegener 1912 Wegener proposed that continents moved by plowing through the sea floorContinental Drift This hypothesis was rejected by most NA geologists accepted by most Southern geologists Pangea consists of Laurasia North AmericaParts of Asia and Gondwana Southern ContinentsStriationsScratches on the rocks surfaces caused by glacial ice sheets If Southern continents were put together There as an ice cap in Antarctica and it flows out to Australia India and Brazil Fig 11 Rocks that contained the same fossils in Africa were recorded in South America too Fig 23 The Ocean Floor Gets Mapped Harold HessOcean depth is recorded through sound Figure 27 Using a geophysical techniques oSound forceHyprophone
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