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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

thJanuary 16 2012 LectureFormation f planet Earth 4500 million years before present continental drift and Pangea 1912 Alfred Wegener sea floor spreading 1960 Harold Hess Magnetic stripes on the ocean floor and wander paths for continents 1965 Fred Vine Midcean ridges and hot spots 1965 tuzo Wilson Plate tectonics and Wilson Cycle 1967 Tuzo Wilsonquiz 45 billion years oldearths ageContinental driftthe larger plates in which the continents are embedded Alot of problem when Alfred made is theory Continental drift is redundant Its incorrect but they dont drift independently Magnetism use it to identify where rocks where how old etc Re assembling Pangea Wegener 1912 Alfred Wegener proposed that continents moved by ploqinf rgeoufh rgw aw DLOOE Continental Drift This was rejected by most geologists Pangea consist of Laurasianorthern part N America and Asia Gondwana Southern continentsPangeaall the landsLaurensia North America Asian AsiaIf you identify certain rock it shows climate climate belts cold artic areas Rocks tell you something about the climate Making sense of paleobiologysouth AmericaAfrica
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