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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

EESA LEC 8 NOTES: GEOLOGIC TIME & STRATIGRAPHY SLIDES Brief recap of earthquake in Japan (1 page of slides) Whole of Japan moved east as much as 25m in one go as a result of the plates that were once locked and resulted in the build up of accumulated movementstress and plates moved The recurrence interval in this part of the plate (should only move 2- 3cmyer) but suddenly moved a 25m in superquake (recurrence of superquake =1000yrs of accumulated pressure under plates Japan went East and the Pacific plate underneath went West) Stress accumulated in just one part of the subducting pacific plate margin tokyo is in a dangerous zone because of the imminent threat of pacific AND Philippines plate Slide 5: the vertical uplift caused tsunami, tilting up of the ocean floor and moes the water West towards Japan and to make it worse, shoreline also depressed, and made the situation more severe. Describes why the effects of the tsunami were so severe. *Discussed Final exam info. Lec 8 and onwards and relevant chapters are all on Plate Tectonics *Last class = revision session (Apr. 8, 2011) (2 page of slides): Stratigraphy = arranging rocks in a logical sequence in terms of their age (i.e. if in ancient Japan and wanted to find historic earthquakes, you would look for the age of sediments and the corresponding age of record) Relative aging of the rock is done in field work Absolute age = can put an actual agenumber on the dating of rocks Geologic timescale just know what it is about and no need to memorize the names and dates, no need to memorize the geologic timescale
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