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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 notes

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Michael Bunce

Lecture 2: Ancient beginnings---- The expansionist civilizations: The Greek and Roman Empires -long distance exploration The ability to leave home and discover new lands -innovation and trade Visiting new lands led to new ideas and trading of technology and resources. -war and conquest Wars started to gain new land and resources. Roman empire grown to acquire more food (grains). -mapping Problem with mapping was that some thought the world was flat and some thought it was round. Ptolemy knew the earth was round and attempted to map the world. -land clearance and irrigation Expanding into new areas led to new relationship between man and the environment. -first cities Cities were used as cultural and trading centers. Islamic empire 7 13 centuries Early global economy based on trade across Asia, Africa and much of Europe. -Expansion of Islam based on trade and spread of religion. Caused problems between western Christian world and Islam.
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