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Rajyashree Narayanareddy

April 5 , 2011 Spatial Turn The spatial turn! Spatial theory has been used to understand and question some of the foundational thinking of disciplines such as anthropology sociology and English Anthropology and space Anthropologys main focus -- Fieldwork: they do field work to go to those remote locations and try and understand culture. Try and understand how and what kind of culture this so called remote group has. --Remote location (most other of others Assumptions about space: --the groups that they study are radically different. So a white man goes to study the desert, so the group that they study is radically different from the culture that the anthropologists come from. -- they occupy discontinuous spaces, meaning, there is no connection between the anthropologists culture and that particular groups culture --anthropologists do field work to study a completely different culture, the group that is being studied seem to be inhabiting a space that is discontinuous from the anthropologist -- theorize contact, conflict and contradiction from this starting point of discontinuity Problems with space as neutral grid Borderlands and border crossing: there are spaces in our world that seems like we dont have distinctive groups. There are some fuzzy boundaries that are in our worlds. Culture difference within locality: there are culture differences within culture. For example in India. There is a large degree of differentiated culture IN INDIA. There are different groups in India Postcoloniality: For example, Canada and England. There is a way in which places like Los Angeles, and London, we see Indian and Pakistani population. We see a discontinuous space so the English in England are no longer just filled with English people, there are Indians and Pakistanis as well. Power of topography conceals topography of power: there is s hierarchy of power in which the topography is represented. Gupta defines this. There is distinctive bounded culture and how this idea influences this idea is what anthropologists studies. 1 www.notesolution.com
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