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Week 9 Lecture Film

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Film: Who Killed the Electric Car? California has the poorest air quality In 1989, a study found many vehicles in Los Angeles caused respiratory diseases, and they produced more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which leads to global warming In 1987, GM won the one of a kind solar powered vehicle award GMs air resources board saw electric opportunity to solve another problem Passed the gas emission test EVI the first electric production car in 21 century o Was fast, elegant, sexy, fairly priced, quiet o All you need to do is just plug it in at night, and when you need to drive just unplug it o The cost of driving this is the same as driving a gasoline car Not everyone was sure that electric cars would save US People are very cautious about the new electric car I dont know if it will be strong enough, how far it will go Car companies made car compliance For the regulation, they GM felt that they needed to change something Then laid off assembly line and sales staff GM models have been going back to the decades White House joins fight against Electric Cars Federal government joined the
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