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C Pennington

Lecture 3 Jan 31-10 The Troubled Twenties, 1919-29 - Country tramautized due to the first world war never experienced anything like that (60,000 Canadians dead) led to uncertainty about the future and conservative impulse, - Full employment during the war but Canadian govt did poor job transitioning Canadian soldiers back into society soldiers found themselves jobless with no assist from government - High unemployment - 1920s in US = roaring 20s but never in Canada economy never recovered from post war recession until 1926 William Lyon Mackenzie King Ford Auto Workers The Spanish Influenza, 1918-19 - Summer of 1918 new strain of influenza (thought to have come from Spain) - Two waves of this flu spread around the war, aided in the soldiers from overseas - Summer of 1918 Spring of 1919 estimated 21 million people (but estimated 15 million) died worldwide because of the flu 3% of the entire population of the world - Effects unevenly felt and hard to prevent - 50,000 Canadians died from this flu - Symptons: come on rapidly, redness, swelling, hem., attacked healthy people, overreaction of the immune system - Mostly strong and healthy people affected by the flu - Many soldiers who survived the western front came home only to be killed by the influenza - No national strategy for coping with this severe outbreak - Federal government out of loop until 1919, created Department of Health to combat the epidemic Winnipeg General Strike, 1919
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