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10 Apr 2012
Provide leadership on global health matters
Shape the health research agenda
Set norms and standards
Articulate evidence-based policy options
Provide technical support to countries
Monitor and assess health trends
Model of Health
Absence of disease
Bio-medical model of health.
Specific etiology
Body as a machine
No recognition of the subjective experience of illness or disease
Psychological disturbances
Scientific methods, objectivity, and physical and chemical data
New Model of Health
Health - more than ‘absence of disease’
Health involves people in social contexts
New models of health: ‘systems model’, and ‘social model’ of health
Illness - subjective feeling
Disease - pathological reason
Bio-medical model of Health:
Dominant model in the west
Disease is generated by specific agents which lead to changes in the bodys structure and
Health is seen as an absence of disease and body is viewed as a machine that can be repaired or
This model is based on the assumption of scientific rationality
It is also known as the traditional model of health
Social model of health:
Health is not merely the absence of disease but a state of complete physical, psychological and
social well-being.
Bio-psychosocial (BPS) Model of Health and Illness
Biological + psychological + sociological = health outcomes
1977 - George Engel
Shifts focus from disease to health
Recognizes that psychosocial factors (e.g. beliefs, relationships, stress) matter
Guides the application of medical knowledge to patient needs
Health Outcomes
Health status
Health-related quality of life
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