Week 3 Lecture Notes

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Published on 4 Feb 2011
Health Studies
Health Research Week 3: Models of Health and Illness
Key Definitions:
What is health?
Health care access
Quality of life
Complete wholeness
Good mental health
Good nutrition and physical strength
Well being
WHO is a complete state of physical, mental and social well being and not merely
the absence of disease or infirmity
What is Illness?
Physical disability
Imbalanced body temperate
Disease burden
Mental disability
Improper daily functioning
Illnesses linked to socio-economic factors and factors outside their control
Baxter (1983) most common mentioned causes: (Infection; Heredity; Agents;
Conceptualize health
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Document Summary

Health research week 3: models of health and illness. Imbalanced body temperate: disease burden, mental disability. Illnesses linked to socio-economic factors and factors outside their control: baxter (1983) most common mentioned causes: (infection; heredity; agents; Conceptualize health www. notesolution. com: who coordinates + illustrates health; policies for recommendations. Original model of health: absence of disease; bio-medical model of health; specific etiology; body as a machine; no recognition of the subjective experience of illness or disease; Psychological disturbances; scientific methods, objectivity, and physical and chemical data. New model of health: found out that health is more than absence of disease , evolved people in social contexts. I t"s a systems model and social model of health (1986) Social approach: healthy because of political, environmental, cultural, and social factors. Implications -discharge and treatments: changes are relevant for research (everyone wants to be healthy, health care professionals can use it www. notesolution. com.