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lecture notes chapter 24+25

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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

HLTB03: Foundations in Health Department of Health Studies University of Toronto at Scarborough Winter 2011 Instructor: Anna Walsh. Term: Winter 2011: Wednesdays 9 a.m.-11 a.m. Lecture Room: Room HW216. April 6, 2011. Current Issues and International Health Readings: Chapters 24 & 25. Current events: maple syrup has been reported to have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory compounds and has been named a super food. The study suggests that the compounds in the maple syrup may keep blood sugar levels in check. It has poly fennels which work to inhibit enzymes that are involved in the conversion of carbohydrates to sugar. - Advisory panel to the US drug and food administration has recommend that they should do further research into the link between food colouring and childhood hyper activity. They are not recommending that the products that contain the dyes should have packaged warnings. - Should we continue to have fluorinated water? Torontos board of health voted on Monday to continue adding fluoride to our city water. Here in Toronto, it was first added to our water in 1963, it was a way to prevent tooth decay. They are adding 0.6 milligrams per litre. Concern that if people would push to eliminate fluoride with an increase in tooth decay. People were worried there was a toxic effect within the fluoride water. One would have to drink 67 glasses day of flourided water to be at risk of having brittle bones. They also say there is lead in the water. The decision was to continue putting fluoride in the water? - Traces of radio activity showing up in many of the foods we eat. The amount of radiation in the food supply from Japan is very small compared to what we get from natural sources we get every day. Very little traces of radiation are found in the milk in California and Washington State. Iodine 136 is apparently short lived and decays very quickly and is harmless and that in fact we are more at risk to the radon that occurs naturally in the air or from the radon that we can get from the cosmic rays in our atmosphere. - Here in Canada we are being reassured that radiation in rain water and sea weed does not pose a threat to our head - The US has banned certain foods from Japan. Seafood is being sold to the United states from Japanthe msg is to not be afraid to continue to keep eating nutritious foods from Japan - In Scarborough, a case of tuberculosis was found, parents were informed for the possibility that their child should be tested (st. Mary goretti) were told that a child has been tested positive for this disease. Anyone who has had casual contact with this student is not at risk, but students who have had close contact are at risk and 1
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