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Lecture 12

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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

Lecture 12The Future of health policy and health Care in CanadaconclusionOverviewPolis versus market o CollectivistWelfare of community Share risk across o PopulationMinimize inequalityState intervention to ensure equityo Individualist o Role of political ideologyNeoliberalist o Minimal state rolefreedom from government deregulationCanadas system of government o Head of state is the queen the governor general is what is represented federally David Johnson The left headed governor of Ontario David Onley exam ques o Below that is 2 houses Members of that is appointed by prime minister who needs to clear it with the queen or governor general The house of commons need to be reviewed by the senateo 3 opposition partiesconservative NDP liberalo We have supreme and provincial courts of CanadaBelow that is provincial and territorial governmentBelow that is municipal and regional municipalities The state of modern society o Legislative executive and judicial institutions o Canada UKOverlap btw Cabinet Parliament lower house upper house house of Lords UK AND Senate Canadao Municipal
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