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Media Studies
Gray Graffam

Lecture 5 CultureCultural studies is interdisciplinaryCulture Doxa Myth and Token most importantAtT phonesoWere isolating ourselves more and more through our phonesoNo time for familyoWere fragmented and disembodied texts in our level attentionoAnd we dont give them enough timeoIt can affect the culture and societyoWe have a phone etiquette nowoIt is as if we are infront of someoneWhat is cultural analysisoDeals with ideology which is the sets of beliefs underlying the customs habits and practices common to a given cultureoTo members of that culture the beliefs seem obviously true natural and universally applicableoThey may seem just as obviously arbitrary idiosyncratic and false to those who adhere to another ideologyoShared beliefs that influence and guide common practices of cultureoMay seem odd to other culturesoCulture with a small cuniversity cultureoCulture with a big Cethnic cultureoWithin any culture numerous ideologies coexist some are marginalized and some are dominantoSome culturesideologies may be imposed or willingly subscribed toTheir component beliefs may be held consciously or unconsciouslyoLimits the range of acceptable and even conceivable ideasoNormalizes naturalizes particular sets of social relations
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