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Lecture 2

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Rutsuko Ito

Meera Mehta Lecture 2 Review Questions 1. Holland and Straub conducted an experiment in which rats were exposed to repeated pairings of a tone and food. Later on, the food was paired with lithium chloride. Then, the rats were re-exposed to the tone. Which of the following statements is true? a. This experiment is an example of sensory preconditioning. b. A trace conditioning contiguity was used. c. The tone functioned as a conditioned inhibitor. d. This experiment lends support to the S-S theory. 2. Autoshaping behaviour displayed by pigeons lends support to which of the following theories? a. Preparatory response theory b. Stimulus substitution theory c. Opponent response theory d. Compensatory response theory 3. Siegel’s study, which involved administration of morphine to two groups of rats placed in two different rooms, suggests all of the following except: a. Tolerance to a drug develops in the same context in which it was initially administered. b. Overdose of a drug is likely to occur in a familiar context. c. Opposing responses can counteract drugs’ action and decrease sensitivity to them. d. Tolerance occurs because of condi
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