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Benj Hellie

MARCH 27TH 3/27/2012 8:26:00 AM Last week  What it means to take death seriously?  Lurking fallacies , about value of life  Three ways , that Utilitariansim, o Critical vs intuitive rules –rule or act utilitariasn  Choose the rule , and stick with them, in cases you think in this particular , not going with this rule may give you better result o Maximizing vs preference  You trust what ppl say what they prefer o Prior-existance vs total Utility view  P: only interested in being that are now here!  Total: include being that might be there , or will be there  Potentiality—go to far, and hence reduction and absurdity -- > not convincing Plan for this week  Final position from singer on abortion  How to apply it to euthanasia  The case of sue Rodriguez  Killing and letting die –the difference  Basic conservative argument about abortion  Singer thinks it’s wrong  The two premise and one conclusion saying : it’s wrong to kill human fetus o Problem  Fallacy and ambuiguity !  Reject P1,  If you think P2 is right, causethen you think Human=speices  But being a member of a speices, doesn’t gurantee you not to be killed  Reject p2, if you equate human =person  This is due to P1 and P2 refere to differnet sense of human Singer faces a dilemma  If you base human on their capacity to ration, and self-awareness, then fetus=animal o When we say rationality, we mean ‘arationality’ .not ‘irrational’ o As we human can be inrational o Arational, means ‘stone,or machine’ not the kind of thing that can be rational or irrational o Rational: means the capable of being inrational !!!! o When you are talking about a thing, you are talking about arational  So a fetus is never irrational, cause never abel to make a choice , to be rational or irrational , so not yet a rational animal  Dilemma o So animal =rational o Fetus =arational o So one should not treat animals worse thean fetus o If you think birth is the most accurate line between fetus and infant –okay to kill it or no
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