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Lecture 25

PHYA22H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 25: Nuclear Matter, Charge Radius, Nuclear StructurePremium

Physics and Astrophysics
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Daniel Weaver

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Nuclear Physics
Nuclear structure
nucleons protons +neutrons
mass number total number of nucleons
isotopes same element but different mass number
-mostly radioactive
°isobars same mass ,but different number of neutrons and protons
Atomic mass
Amo tic mass unit (u)Fz of mass of carbon
°IU=1.6605 .10 -27 kg
1u=931.49 MEI useful for energy to mass conversion
Nuclear size and Density
R=ro A"3ro =1.2 fm
A=mass number
nucleons are incompressible ,constant size
nucleons are tightly packed
nuclear matter -has aconstant density of f- 2.3 -1017 kg 1ms
Nuclear stability
stable nuclei cluster close to line of stability
there are no stable nuclei with Z>83
lighter elements with Ze 16 are stable when ZEN
as 2increases ,the number of neutrons needed for stability
grows larger than the number of protons
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