POLB81H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: International Relations Theory, Global Governance, Global Politics

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POLB81 Lecture 12 April 1st 2013.
Last Lecture
Global Governance Forum
o Instant of Globalization or proliferation of global issues, flexibility of global
governance, complex global governance
o As Banks in Cyprus Falter, Other Tax Havens Step in.
o Global governance is complex because there are many actors participating in
global governance.
o Chinese cities are going to slow down a Housing Market Bubble.
o Transnational terrorist/freedom fighters in Timbuktu
o Institutionalism - Egypt IMF actor of global politics
o Tar Sand Disaster Climate Change
o Easy to find our 4 example on global issues: Climate Change, financial crisis,
modern conflict, etc.
Global Governance: Poorly Done and Poorly Understood?
o What is the difference between global governance and conventional IR?
We can say International Relations are state centric. Global Governance is
more broader
Both Global Governance and International Relations has big issues.
International relations foreign policies (simpler?) Global Governance is
international institutions (complex?)
IR and GG are not completely separate.
o Murphy wrote his article in 2000. Have we learned anything?
o Most theories were adapted to define state centric but has transformed very big.
o Murphy talks about the importance of Emergence of Private authority,
o International Relations theory + Global Governance Perspectives (Some theories
Institutionalism matches well in Liberalism theory
Cosmpolitician /Transnationalism can fit somewhat with Liberalism
Hegemonism and Marxism
Rejectionism and Realism
Feminism GG theory and Feminism IR theory
o Global politics encompasses traditional IR
o We’re getting better. We have a sense of how we’re managing global issues.
Global governance is hard to understand and hard to do. The notion that global
politics is very complex.
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