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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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John Bassili

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Psychology Lecture 6
-intelligence is a mental skill
-it is controversial whether intelligence is one general skill or different specific skills
-do Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Stephen Harper possess same skill
Athletic Ability
-athlete that is good at one sport is also good at another sport?
1) endurance- biking, running
2) body awareness/ control- diving, biking
3) hand dicoordination- tennis, hockey, soccer
Autistic Savant Syndrome
-fairly severe autistic
-has a mental ability that is impressive
1) Calendar calculation
when given a date in the past, he can tell you the day of the date
memorization of the calendar
observe regularity of calendar
2) Memory
-can remember long list of thing
-all the postal code in all the city in Canada
-can learn many languages
3) Musical ability
-learn complex musical piece
-play the piece perfectly after hearing it once
-has no previous training in music
-50 identified autistic Savant Syndrome in the world
-awesome memory ability with disabled mind
-cannot remember how to do simple task, like brushing the teeth
-can remember all the zip code, highway, and city in USA
-mentally handicapped as a child
-can remember the day of the calendar in the past 40 000 years
-a blind man who can play Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto 1st movement flawlessly after hearing
it once
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