Lecture 4 - Ch 10

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1 Mar 2011
Saad Imran Page 1
Lecture 4
Chapter 10 t Language: the Brain and Language Disorders
x Hemispheric Specialization
o Language is mostly localized in the left hemisphere. This is more tha case for men than
women (fMRI scan). Rhyming task
o Left brain is woman, right brain is man, aggregate woman
o When men use rhyming task the bulk of activity occurs in left hemisphere
o Language primarily in left side of brain
o fMRI t MRI t magnetic resonance imaging, waitlist, expensive and sophisticated XRAY
o ÁZÇEÆÇM}v[iµ}vU it also images soft tissue, tendons, muscles static
image of structure of body
o ^(_DZ/Av]}voDZ/U}ÁZ}(]v]ÀÁZv]lv
o tZ}Zo]PZµuvM}(]vZ]]ÀvµÇ}v[o]ooÇo]PZ
up, this is the symbolic representation
o Heres what happens when we use area of brain, there is a depletion of oxygen there in
the blood needs oxygenated blood. The brain has way of telling cardio vascular system
here that i need blood here, then blood is sent to that area. So now more oxygenated
blood in that specific area. This scanner tells hey something going on here shows the
extra blood. Not directly more blood, this statistical output that when people rhyming
there is more blood in that area as opposed to when not engaged in rhyming
o This is purely symbolic output of statistical procedure
o BOLD blood oxygenated level dependence
o Spatial resolution, fMRI good with this, more exact and deeper, not all methodology can
do this
o But not very good with temporal resolution, it takes a few seconds for this BOLD thing 1-
5 seconds, and then dissipates
o PET, EEG cheaper
x Localizing Language centres
o Lady produce speech, guy hears speech
o 1 wernickes area
Recognizes sounds and interprets meaning of sound organizes them into words
o 2 brocas area after wernickes
Plan to produce speech made, the person starts being able putting together
own thoughts into speech for production
Those plans/control area goes to motor cortex that controls the lip and vocal
chords to produce speech
o Motor cortex
Produces speech
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