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Lecture 19

Lecture 19

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John Bassili

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Psychology II Lecture 19
Social Influence
-person’s behaviour is changed and affected by others
-person is greatly influenced by others and follows their behaviour even if it is awkward
-ex. people turn away from the elevator door, individual follows this awkward action
Low Ball Technique
-car salesperson lowers the price to attract consumer
-but, final price ends up being higher
-when consumer signs the contract, the low price is removed
-even though salesperson breaks the commitment, consumers continue to buy the product
-this is because once consumer decides this is a good deal, he is relieved and is committed to buy
the car
Other Selling Technique
-salesperson asks consumer to make an offer to make him personally committed to buy the
-consumers think as if they have bought the product and by doing that, he raises the value of the
product in his mind
-he has a positive image of the product
Techniques to Get a Better Deal
-do not be anxious
-know invoice price and do not negotiate down sticker price
-never negotiate against yourself
Asch’s Conformity Situation
-a group of participants are asked to answer question
-all the participants are confederate, only one participant is the subject
-participants prior the subject answer the question wrongly and see how the subject responds
-one-third of the participants report the wrong answer
-size of the majority matters subject’s conformity
-at first, the size does matter
-but, when the size gets bigger, it loses its effect because subject starts to notice conformity in
other participants
-unanimity conformity drops when there is another person who does not follow the majority
-whether the support of subject or the unanimity affect the subject’s response
-we can test that by having the participants saying the wrong answer
-conformity still drops, the subject answers the original right answer
-when asked the subject to write the answer on the paper, conformity does not occur, subject is
not influenced
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