PSYB10H3 Lecture Notes - Social Perception, Henry Louis Gates Jr., Real Change

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26 Nov 2010

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Psychological components: affectprejudice the emotional attitude that we have towards somebody else, behaviordiscrimination when we act towards others in a certain way as a result of the group the individual belongs to. This can be positive or negative: cognitionstereotyping and outgroup homogeneity. 347/07147908093894-0,-,890,;094-05:70-,80/43,33/;/:,8 membership in a group, and not their actions. N beliefs about the typical characteristics (usually traits) of group members. N schemas used to categorize complex social groups. W we apply a schema towards somebody on the basis of their group membership. N a hostile or negative attitude toward a distinguishable group of people, based only on their membership in that group (not their actual actions) N unjustified negative or harmful action (usually, but can be positive) toward a member of a group, simply because of his or her membership in that group. N an example of how stereotypes have existed across time and throughout history.