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Lecture 2: The Birth and Early Years

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

The purpose of the first lecture was to study a little bit of history of Psychology and how the study came into being and secondly to encounter the theme of having a soul Thus it was established that to understand humans soul is not the most important thing and we should take humans and human mind as something that follows the natural lawsTodays lecture has a different themeHumans work as a machine which can be studied and understoodThe story occurs in old Germany which was preworld war economically powerful tried to look for how to spend money because there was so much moneyThe government funded science which led to innovation What else should we look at Something scientific would be funded The stage setters in psychologyHarmann von HemholtzThere is said to be electric impulse in the human body which is referred to as electrical wiringHemholtz proved that there are aspects of human body that can be studied Impulse in a human body was studiedBest measuring device was a stop watch Human neural information transfer was being measured Chain of hand holding students count how many people and compute avg distance a signal has
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