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Lecture 2

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Steve Joordens

Chapter 9Language DevelopmentJanuary 9 2012 PSYA02 Lecture 2 NotesThe Power of Language there is a notion that language is a distinctive humanly enterprisethis is both true and falsewhen we talk about language we usually mean what we hear wordsanimals communicate a lot with their body language ex barking pacing around human language is different and is a powerful part of who we are as it becomes a notion of what language allows us to doex it lets us share our mindsknowledgeideas it is among the 3 things that let us dominate the planet along with bipedalismfrontal cortexit allows to not have to rediscover things over and over again ex how to do something language allows us to learn things and once you learn how to do something you usually wont forget receptive language when you can communicate what you want through words with a constraint set that they have learned in a slow wayunlike human language and the way we learnLanguageSymbolsscientists want to see real flexible dynamic use of a symbol systemwords are symbolsthat we use to represent concepts
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