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Lecture 4

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

Social Psychology Lecture 4 Attitudes affective how you feel about it behavioral what you are likely to do as a response of your attitude cognitive what do you think about something Valance how good or bad something is Explicit Attitudes the attitudes you can state in words fully aware that you hold Stored in the form of a statement of which youre fully aware Implicit Attitude an association that you have with something and the concept of good and bad Things about which we have good implicit attitudes are things we associate with goodness and vice versa for bad War famine hunger typically associated with being bad you may or may not be aware of implicit attitudescognitive dissonance a change in your behaviors changes your attitudes dissonance an unpleasant feeling you get when your behav is diff from your attitudes and valuesyou experience and unpleasant tension in your body when you experience contradictory attitudes and you behave inconsistently with your attitudeyou change your attitude to match your behaviourover justification affect if you can sufficiently your attitude and inconsistent behaviour you wont experience dissonanceBalance Theory figure out how we maintain our attitudes and behaviors keep everything in balanceYou have the issue self and a friend Balance theory looks at the connection between these 3 thing
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