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Lecture 7

PSYB20 - Lecture 7 Notes

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Diane Mangalindan

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PSYB20Lecture 7Emotional DevelopmentAttachment November 6 2013 OUTLINE Definition and MeasuresBasic EmotionsSecondary EmotionsAttachmentOther research Emotion regulation emotion recognition and emotion bodily expressionsDEFINITION Subjective reactions to environmentManifested through physiological and behavioural responsesMEASUREMENTSFOCUS ON FACIAL EXPRESSIONSMAXFACS Maximally Discriminant Facial Movement Coding System MAX Izard 1979Facial Action Coding System FACS EkmanFriesen 1978Anatomicallybased measures muscular contractionsFacial action units AUs rated most characteristic of emotionEmotionAUs that produce itBASIC EMOTIONS Early appearance and universal facial expressionsDiscrimination of these emotions have been extensively studied for both adults and young childrenSuggest that positive emotions are more reliably discriminated than negative onesLABARBARA ET AL 1976 Examined 4 and 6month oldsFirst visual fixation was examinedDiscrimination of basic emotions at 4 m FIELDWALDEN 1982 Examined 3 to 5year olds production and recognitionFIELDWALDEN 1982 Adults and children themselves evaluated expressionsMost accurate under imitation conditionsChildren made more errors than adultsTHEORETICAL MODELSBASIC EMOTIONS
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