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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 Increasing Behaviour Operant.docx

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Amanda Uliaszek

Lecture 7: Increasing Behaviours through Operant Conditioning  Student Behaviour Modification o Target behaviour: asking/answering questions during lecture (exact behaviour going to change)  Goal/outcome: increasing class participation o Target behaviour: read chapters and attend/watch lectures  Goal/outcome: improve study habits  Review positive reinforcers o Tangible: gift card o Consumable: candy, chocolate o Activity: more breaks in class o Social: praise, smile o Feedback: you answered that question correctly  Positive reinforcers o How do we ascertain what will be positively reinforcing to a group? o Guess work  Age : extra TV time for kids, elderly person give money or recreation time for learning computer skills  Gender: men vs. women o What do students find positively reinforcing? o Are we talking about programmed or natural reinforcers?  Enhancing effectiveness o Sampling: let them try it, a little taste o Modeling: show people how to get it, then they will do it o Explaining or demonstrating the value: why it is reinforcing (tastes delicious) o Public posting of performance: ranks, tokens  Ways to administer reinforcement o Tokens (receive something, that build up to reinforcement)  Pros: only need one reward  Cons: can take a long time, what happens if there’s a tie, reinforcement may not be worth it, have to find tokens (need resources) o Continuous reinforcement schedule (reinforce every time person does the right thing)  Pros: increase in behaviour really fast  Cons: need a lot of rewards o Lottery (have the chance of reward if you answer a question)  Pros: only need one
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