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Lecture 2

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Dwayne Pare

Lecture 2  Behavioural genetics; approach used to understand disorders/ the study of individual differences in behaviours that are attributable in part differences in genetic make-up. o Genotype; what you’re born with/inherited/unobservable genetic constitution o Phenotype; individuals observable behavioural characteristics o Twin Method; To the extent that a predisposition for a mental disorder can be inherited, concordance to the disorder should be greater genetically in monozygotic pairs than dizygotic pairs. o Family Method; if a predisposition for a mental disorder can be inherited, a study of the family should show a relationship between the number of shared genes in the index case and the prevalence of the disorder in relatives. o Adoptees Method; Twins born and raised not with their biological parent. Rules out environmental factors o Linkage analysis; researchers try to understand exactly how phenotype plays a role in genetic disorder. Researchers look for biological/genetic samples where some family members have a disorder and some don’t.  Frontal Lobe; responsible for executive functioning such as motor movement, planning, inhibition, emotion, o Right side; when scared can give rise to manic like episodes o Left Side; when scared can give rise to depressed like states  Temporal Lobe; o Right side;  Responsible for retrieval of information  Comprehension for non-verbal sounds o Left Side;  Responsible for learning  Vernike’s area; comprehension of verbal sounds/language o Hippocampus; allows information to be retrieved (affected gravely in Alzheimer’s disease)  Parietal Lobes; responsible for visual/special functioning/constructional functioning
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