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Lecture 3

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Ted Petit

Human BrainLecture 3 even if not is LEC but in TEXT still testable NO Dates on EXAM NO boxtables in the TEXT are on the examONLY FROM THE TEXT OF THE TEXTBOOK not in the BOXESNames in the text know the BIG namesMIDTERM DATE Nov 1 57pm kinds of things that go wrong in the brain that LEAD to the kinds of patients we will learn aboutA Blockage of blood flowvascular system o oxygensucrose are blockedwhen a blockage in the vascular system o brain has a H metabolic rate only 3 mins wo oxygeneven if revived after a blockage the brain is the first thing damaged from a lack of blood flow Types 1 cerebral vascular accident CVAsevere interruption of blood supply of the brain AKA strokeresults in ischemia prob in the blood supply AKA disruption of oxygen to the brainthis produces dead or dying tissuecalled an infarct CVAinfarctdead or dying tissue 2 encephomalacia lack of blood supply but is very slow closing down not suddenbrain tissue becomes damaged we tend to see a softening of the brain tissuenot completely dead but there is some damage from a generalized lack of blood supply3 transient ischemic attack TIAtemporary comes and goesa temp restriction of blood flow ie migraine headaches o during the constriction the muscular parts will contract and you wont get as much bloodvision may get somewhat blurry o do not cause brain damage like in the other 2 types like a stroke but it goes awayWhat causes this 1 thrombosisdefined by the fact that they are locally formed abloodclot that are formed in a small localized area b locally formed blockage ie specific part in the cerebral cortex 2 embolisma blockage that breaks off from some place elsea ie blockage from artery in the leg that breaks off and moves to a artery in the heart causing another blockage
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