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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Inzlicht

PSYC12 Lecture 2 16/01/2014 Iclicker questions: 1. White males are seen as the wealthiest 2. White male and white female will receive the highest price quote when purchasing a new car. (white male slightly higher than female) Discrimination when buying a new car? - Experiment done in Chicago o Study the existence of race and discrimination when looking at buying a car - Want to make sure that certain things are matched (twin testers) o Clothing o Height o Way they speak o Economic status (SES) o Age o Blind to the hypothesis of the study Ayres & Siegelman - Black males are quotes a significantly higher price than the other 3 groups o $1000 difference - Black females are also quoted a higher price o not as big of a difference than the male o around $200 difference - the actual price was very difference from the expected price Discrimination when buying a new car - race and income are related - relationship between women and shopping/spending - women as less assertive, by asking more they’ll get more - stereotype that women know less about cars - RACIAL affect o In hip hop culture, black men are associated with expensive cars  Black men are more willing to pay more o perception that there’s more haggling by black men, start higher and slowly negotiate down o Associations with white men are car dealers compared to black men, favouritism. o White men = more money, higher status  But why do they not pay more Movie – True Colours - Why does discrimination exist? - Why do stereotypes exist? - Two friends, co-workers o John a white man o Glen a black man. - Living in a motel, St. Louis Missouri - When walking into a store o John gets service instantly o Glen gets ignored (for over 10 minutes) - In the record store, an associate followed Glen around. o Black people are perceived as more likely to steal - Both locked out of their own car o John receives a crowd of help o Glen received NO help - On a walk at night, when a police drove by o Drove right by John o Rolled down the window to check up on Glen - Another walk at night, in the Southern white part of St. Louis o Glen is stopped by a truck driver and was told he was in the wrong neighbourhood - Car dealership o John was told he can get a car with nothing down o Glen was told he would need at least $2000 down. - At another dealership o John  10-20% down payment, $9000 for the car o Glen  20-25% down payment, $9500 for the car - Blacks are less sophisticated, pay twice as much as white - Job discrimination, both at a job service o John  told pleasantly that he was not allowed to share the list with friends, encourage about a job o Glen  given a lecture and emphasizes about laziness, turned down to jobs - At a dry cleaners, for an open position (store front clerk) o John position is open o Glen  asked to fill out an application form, told the position is taken  BOTH went back few days later and still told the same thing - Finding a place to live st o 1 landlord  John given a lovely description of the area and was friendly  Glen like a drill sergeant, told to keep the place clean because it’s not a “ghetto” o 2 landlord  Glen was treated nicely “everything is furnished, good area”  John 5 minutes after Glen was shown the house. Landlord states “good neighbourhood BUT don’t know how long it’ll stay good” o 3 landlord  John  gets a set of keys, toured the place and was told it’s available immediately  Glen told that a woman put a deposit on an apartment earlier that morning - Both trying to catch a cab right next to each other o First cab went straight by Glen to pick up John - USA is perceived as more racist o If in Toronto, Canada  Would be similar to it even though it’s more multicultural.  Less severe as this case, more diversity.  Same experiment done in Toronto, except the black participant was fair skin, not so obvious African features. (no much effect) Origins of Stereotypes: Cognitive - Categorization o Fundamental way to deal with our environment o Benefit: know what to expect from these objects. o Generalization
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