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PSYC12 Lec1 notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Inzlicht

Introduction PSYC12Lec 1Martin Luther King jr dreamed of a day when people of all colours and creeds would be judged as equalsMLKs words changed the US the worldushered in a new era of civil rights the racism adverse prejudice experienced by MLK and his kids is not of the same intensity as today but thats not to say that it has gone away all together major acts of prejudice have occurred ie genocidePrejudice still aroundKhmer Rouge in Cambodia mid 1970searly 1980s they engaged in autogenocidea class of ppl came into power Khmer Rouge who had Marxist ideals and they killed directlyindirectly 2 million Cambodian pplthe ppl who were killed tended to be distinctive different tended to be from the cities educated have more moneyKhmer Rouge had strange ideas that only ppl from the rural areas were the real Cambodians and everyone else were notRwandan Genocide the quickest genocide happenedin 100 days 1 million ppl Tutsis were killed by thugs there are two groups of ppl in RwandaHutus and Tutsisthey are different ethnic groups but they share language culture foods and similar in many waysthese differences are minimal yet there was a lot of intergroup tension that existedIndonesian Rio
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