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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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Michelle Hilscher

LECTURE 11Emotions and Mental Health in ChildhoodExternal disorderLyingstealinggender predects whether you will suffer from internalizing or external disordersboysexternal girlsinternalWhy the gender differencesocializationboys are discouraged to show emotion hide angergirls are used to showing their feelingsorphaned children may not go on to develop emotional disorders because of environmental conditionstudy nature vsnurtureParticular experiences impact genetic weaknessesmodel assumes that if you dont have the genetic predisposition to develop this disorder then you wontrisk factors arent certain it is something that increases your probability in having a disorderwhen children are exposed to conflict in the home it increases the liklihood that the child will develop an externalizing emotion disorder regarless of boys or girlsnot divorce but its the verbal and hysical conflict that leads up to divorce that is most damagingchildren who witness conflict are more likely to act on aggression children who are exposed to anger in the home are more likely to become angryincreased arousal children who are witnesses are oversensitive and percieve the outside worlds neutral behaviour as a threat and may respond agressively as a way of warding off conflict as they have seen within the homeParental Depressiondepressed parentsrisk of developing in
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