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David Haley

Lecture 2: Methods – theories, designs and measures 18/09/12 Today: Theory (ch 1) Minilab Methods (ch 2) Question for mini-lab: 1. Biological or environment? 2. What role do children play in their own development  Assume that how ppl affect us is happening in a reciprocal manner  How you respond how others will treat you  This is why everyone plays a role in their own development 3. What is the appropriate unit for studying social development  Relationships between ppl (dyads, triads) 4. Is development continuous or discontinuous  Both  Some theories like stage theories view development as discontinuous  More contemporary researchers see it as both but essentially continuous 5. Is social behaviour the result of the situation or the child  Both  Some ppl more interested in personality or situation factors 6. *Is social development universal or cross cultures  No it is not universal 7. How does social development vary across history  A lot of differences 8. Is social development related to other domains  Yes  Separated but influential 9. Mothers are the only thing that count in your life  Disagree  other important caregivers that influence social development 10. Is there one specific pathway to social development 11. What influences how we judge children’s social behaviour  Many  starting with our own and cultural biases 12. Do developmental psychologists own development  No  Social development is very complex and can go about it in many angles Theories of social development - Freud  Structure, stages and Greek myths - Erik Erikson  Goals and lifespan - Tradit
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