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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Perley

RLGA02 - Lecture 3 Jewish Traditions Solomon built the first temple* - no single founder - legendary figures - HYPERDIVERSIFIED religion - Religous or ethnic category - most are secular, non practicing - state of Israel - secular process - political parties in power have been traditional and orthodox - Monotheism - one god - Abraham's exclusive contract with Him - begins in this tradition Hebrew Bible - stories/narratives are very influencial in the Western world. - shapes people, culture, literary works - Linear concept of time - in which God is a participant through intervention and guidance - gives people rewards/punishments - big picture --> God wants us to follow His rules - ongoing cycle of success and failure - Pentateuch; Tanakh Hebrew Bible is composed of: - The Torah - way of life - God's will/commandments - Pentateuch - TNK - TANAKH T = TOrah N = PROPHETS K = WRITINGs 5 books of Moses - Moses was given the messages and translated everything down - Moses - mostly in Exodus Prophets - thematic emphasis on success and failure - they mostly warn people, judges, messages are sometimes warnings to people - exhortation - warning or caution - temper or climate of the teaching or sermon * in Islam it's mostly warning* - these books existed as ORAL texts first - it gets written down after Torah - can be referre to as the whole Hebrew Bible, or the first five books - polysemous word - more than one meaning Sacred History - idea of exile, homeland, following commandments, success/failure Creation Story - two versions - cosmic and Adam and Eve - Cosmic - order out of chaos - separates everything - "murky and nothingness" - vague description - distinctions - discriminating between things. eg. land and water, light/darkness - Cosmopomic Myths (creation stories, e.g. Shinto) - Adam and Eve - timeline of creation of living things - prioritizes men - patriarchal traditions - informal covenant with them - prototype of agreements e.g. leave this tree alone but you can do whatever you want - - snake or serpent (devil) -> troublemaker - try fruit from the Tree of Knowledge - good/evil distinction - become godly - gain consciousness - metaphor for the birth of consciousness - development of a moral capacity - shameful that they're naked - understood that they've done something wrong - they initially lied about it - punishment - women will suffer giving
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