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Isaac Father of Arabs & Ishmael Father of Jews
Everything Happens in key Moments
Exodus is when The Israelites Are set Free To The land of Canaan
Wander ing is Frequent but is done with A purpose
Moses is Emphasized As just A prophet
Pharaoh of Egypt is designed To Fail
Messenger of death is sent by God showing His wrath
Moses Told by God That He will Not set Foot in The promised lands
Might be due To His Arrogance?
11 out of 12 Tr ibes Gain land
Tribe doesnt but Are descendants of Moses who lead The people As priests
Solomon is The one who centralizes worship
Solomons disobedience Ends up splitting Israel in To Two (North Israel, South Judah)
The Lost Tribes is The North who is dispersed
Synagogues Emerge during Time of The Babylonian Exile
Cyrus, The Persian king who captured Babylonia is Mentioned As A Messiah?
Significant in That God can pick Anyone To be A Messiah
Majority stayed in Babylonia while A Minor ity returned To Jerusalem
Reclamation of The Temple Allows oil To last For 8 days instead of 1 (Hanukkah)
Var ious Groups of The Jewish sect develop
A revolt leads The Romans To retaliate by destroying The Temples
The Torah And The community itself is Now The Main Focus
Writing ‘God’ is sacred And one should be careful when writing
A Name captures something of its Essence (like power over The Name)
God is Actively participating in History
No clear distinction between Good or Evil in shown
Messiah is used differently between The 3 religions
Stor i es Are oral Traditions wr itten down (codific ation)
Rabbi is A scholar or intellectual
The Messiah Must be Accepted by The community
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Isaac father of arabs & ishmael father of jews. Exodus is when the israelites are set free to the land of canaan. Wandering is frequent but is done with a purpose. Messenger of death is sent by god showing his wrath. Moses told by god that he will not set foot in the promised lands. 12th tribe doesn"t but are descendants of moses who lead the people as priests. Solomon"s disobedience ends up splitting israel in to two (north israel, south judah) The lost tribes" is the north who is dispersed. Synagogues emerge during time of the babylonian exile. Significant in that god can pick anyone to be a messiah. Majority stayed in babylonia while a minority returned to jerusalem. Reclamation of the temple allows oil to last for 8 days instead of 1 (hanukkah) A revolt leads the romans to retaliate by destroying the temples. The torah and the community itself is now the main focus.

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