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Lecture 12

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Ryerson University
Sheldon Ungar

SOCIOLOGY – Lecture 12 th Elites Who has power// who rules? - all theories agree elites exist Elite emergence Robert Michels - “iron law of oligarchy” Growth large-scale organization - elites at top of powerful institutions - >occupy command posts - >leads to concentration of power elite access – how get in? - access (to each type of position) - >how open or closed? Elite positions  Political > economic > bureaucratic Educational elite – varies by society, not the most important of the elites, it’s the status that’s important Military elite Entertainment elite (Etc. judicial elite, US supreme court is extremely powerful POTENTIAL ELITES (Religious elite – depends on what country (Labour elite how open are these positions? Depends on the country i.e. in US, what tends to be the most closed elite? Answer: military top generals are generals b/c father was political is kinda open, elections economic is quite closed bureaucratic very open in Canada – opened to french Canadians judicial elites closed – got to go to law school, become a judge in north America, religious elite doesn’t matter educational elites fairly closed ELITE POWER: pluralist model . elites have different interests - get shifting coalitions - power is dispersed i.e. manufacturing elites, now think of energy elites manufacturing elites want to pay as low as possible for energy energy elites want them pay more western Canada want high energy prices b/c that’s what alberta has eastern Canada want low prices for energy .veto power - john porter, vertical mosaic POWER ELITE MODEL . elites have similar interests - coordinate actions - power is co
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