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Lecture 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sheldon Ungar

Lecture 9-November 7, 2013 Examples of elite challenges • AIDS o at certain points, AIDS activists knew more about the drugs than doctors • Breast cancer • we are more likely to be controlled or mannipulated by elites o George Bush and selling war on Iraq (falsely kept on linking Sadam Hussein and 9/11) o relies on ignorance Knowledge-Ignorance Paradox • besieged by information explosion o infomated workplace o so much knnowledge that things are so specialized • increased social distribution of ignorance o information overload Threat Informational Overload • 1960s more scientific papers published than all previous Medicine & Overload • doctors should keep up latest treatement o but quanitiity of info is too large • manage overload: o satisficing solutions: good enough o constrict areas of speciality o simplified "knowledge packages" o rely on drug companies • fighter pilots o air traffic controllers-hardest job in the world o planes have so much info (cannot fly without computers, changes so quickly that a pilot cannot change it that fast) • currency trader o never sleep, trading in europe uring the day and the US during the night, japan another time o some currenncy ttraders have alarms to wake them up every couple of hours Ideal of well-informed citizen • expect infromational or cultural literacy o share stocks of common knowledge taht all competent members should have Motivation to be well-informed • professional/occupational motivation • social motivation • personal motivation Professional/Occupational Motivation to Be Well-informed • limited impact o narrow, specialized knowledge  leave pervasive spaces of ignorance  professional knowledge becomes so narrow Social motivation to be well-informed • social benefits? o popular culture low expectations/rewards for being knowledgeable  public communication reduced to slogans, sound bites  sound bite news: asking someone to comment etc.  gone down from 43 seconds to 9 seconds over the years Personal Motivation to be
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