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Social Stratification + Race and Ethnicity

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Chapter 7 Social Stratification (continued)
Social Stratification
Social stratification refers to way in which society is organized in layers or strata
Ascription-based stratification system one in which allocation of rank depends on
characteristics a person is born with
Achievement-based stratification system one in which the allocation of rank
depends on a persons accomplishments
Social mobility refers to movement up or down the stratification system
Caste system an almost pure ascription-based stratification system in which
occupations and marriage partners are assigned on basis of caste membership
oAll traditional societies are caste systemed
A partied societies work in this way: based on race, education and housing, you
segregate people
Your ascription comes from birth and you cant change it
Ascribed traits
oRace is important
Restaurants, hotels, theater and drinking fountains are segregated
Prejudiced attitudes
oUsually negative
oPerson A belongs to group A so they act this way..
Ethos the spirit of modern societies

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oSame as prejudice
Gender is an ascription
Open & Closed Societies
Open include achievement
Close or rigid include ascription
Superior groups tend to prejudge in positive way
In Africa, before Nelson Mandela, people achieved
Social evaluation how does society evaluate you
oShapes your access to things
oWealth, value….
oPositive achievement
Achievement in the marketplace is based on how good youre at identifying market
Achieving societies by
The difference between traditional and the modern world is one of degree
Achievement versus Ascription
Achievement refers to not who you are but what you can do
Under representation and over representation
Modern world awards people based on their achievement
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Lower Working Middle Upper
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