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Chapter 10 - Ungar

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Sheldon Ungar

Ungar-Chapter 10 Global bird Flu Communication: Hot Crisis and Media Reassurance - 3 stages of discourse o Sounding the alarm- fearful claim making o Mixed-messages- continuation of threat with moderate elements of reassurance o Hot crisis and containment- efforts to undo the most frightful elements - Sandman suggests that while alarming media coverage is more common, moderation of coverage may occur in crisis situations that appear to be causing panic - Google daily news was used for investigation Experts learned to think the unthinkable warned of billions of deaths Possible impacts of a pandemic on medical services, worker shortages, including critical ones lke the police, disrupted supply chain, empty supermarkets, etc. Need for reassurance and waves of fear were followed by frenzied efforts to contain or redirect the fear Suggests that while alarming media coverage of risk is more common than reassuring coverage, moderation of coverage may occur in crisis situation that appear to be precipitating panic Google News Alert provides a unique global perspective on an issue with worldwide reach and ramifications Ebola and Hot Crises Media would attempt to forestall panic when they perceive an emerging hot crisis o Hot crises entail dread-inspiring events that are developing in unpredictable ways seen potential to pose imminent personal threat to specific population The bird flu is not a result of human decisions Ebola-a virus from Africa that could threaten the world- unleashed hot crisis bc for the most aspects of the mutation-contagion interpretive package
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