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Lecture 9

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Sheldon Ungar

SOCA03H3 – Week 9 Health: UN Definition - A state of complete physical, mental, and social well being - What could it really mean? - Health is as much social as biological o Related to:  Social inequalities  Technology  Social resources  Social constructionism Health and Stratification - Rich live upstream o Toronto vs. Countryside o Race - Income and Obesity o Bottom 20%, 5 times top 20% - Gender o Drug testing Disease Ecology - “We are major engineers of viral traffic, but are unaware of it.” o Pathways  E.g. Dengue - Population density o Viruses need a reservoir or die out o Stepping off a plane… - War o Napoleon o 1918 Spanish Flu Scientific Control of Disease past Century - US Surgeon General in 1967 claims contagious diseases will be wiped out… o Vaccines o Anti-biotics Overstate the role of Science - Vs. Social factors Beyond Science/Medicine - Improved nutrition o Adequate, safe food  Refrigeration  Cooking at high temperatures - Improved Hygiene o Clean water o Plumbing o Bathing - In other words, rich is better. Social Resources and Actions (Rich vs. poor) - TB…? o Deaths worldwide?  About 3 million - MDR (Antibiotic resistance) o New York – Contained o Russia Antibiotic Resistance: Social vs. Medical - Bacteria inevitably develop some resistance - Vs. Antibiotic Resistance - Medical/biological o Bacteria inevitably develop some resistance - Social o Use in factory farming o Overprescribe to patients Social Construction of Cancer - Focus on o Smoking o Diet o Exercise o Personality Questions about Cancer - How much do lifestyle factors predict? - Social distribution of cancer o Blacks, higher cancer rates - Risk society o “Chemical soup”  China “Cancer Villages” Attention to Disease socially constructed -
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