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21 Apr 2012
Deviance and Crime:
Deviance is any behavior that violates general norms and produces some sort of reaction. Some norms if
violated don’t result in sanction. EX: keep frnds secret. Betraying a trust is violation of frndship norm. it
cause social reaction, a deviance but you don’t go to prision. Any deviance that violates a law is a
criminal deviance.
Two types of deviance
Criminal deviance: attitude towards crime, crime is a big ques in Canadian society. TV programs that
feature crime are the most popular, movies do okay at all.. they are soo formulaic. Ppl like shows dealing
with crime EX: CSI, SLIDE 6. Lets look at several different types of crime. Juvenile delinquency treated
differently. Deifferently set of lwaes apply to juvenile. The age you can be charged with an adult
generally depends on crime. Juvenile crime is seen as very serious, cuz it can lead to a life time of crime.
Someone can become a persistent offender, thus most are send to rehab. If you put jevunile offender
with adult offenders they can be taught to be successful criminals. Labelling theory: labeling is a
sociological concept which means whn society will label you, they will acquire and indentify you from
social labeling and then live up the identity that they have been given ir labeelled with. Most juvenile
offenders are males with Lower SES groups. Criminologists has come up with classification system
Common crimes: stealing cars, rug offence, assault, B&E(break and enter) and occasionally homicide. <
that is one kind of crime. Next one is victim-less crime sometimes called consensual crimes. EX: drugs a
victim-less crime? Use of Lautnam (alcohol and opium.) it was widely used in civil war, during
amputation. Optium was widely used in 19th century. Freud wrote many papers on medicinal property
of …morphine is the best pain killer. Marijuana is widely used. In 20th century, all these drugs were made
illegal. In Europe nobody use to care about them. Those ppl who become hard users of drug start on
marijuana. About 3.5 million has smoked marijuana. So they argue that it is not stong and it is
misrepresentation ( for tiny minority of ppl). Consensual crime: when both parties agree, no victim in
the traditional sense. Someone wants to buy someone wants to sell. Both parties agree then there is no
victim in traditional sense. EX can be of gambling (u place a bet, ppl will take your bet). Vagrancy: ppl
who wander around place to place lives by begging , they will usually get picked up and spend the night
in jail. Police undercover in the case of prostituation, young females police officer and have conversation
with “John” other police offcicer are listening to it. the “John” / doing “tricks”: When deal is finished,
police moves in. They entice John to buy a trick and then John is arrested. Ppl are not supposed to
encourage ppl to break the law. White collar crime: an important type of crime. Crimes committed by
respectable ppl. It is committed by middle class and higher class ppl. Street crime is committed by lower
class ppl. Edwin Sutherland, a sociologist that popularized white collar crime. It was never investigated.
Ppl use to assume that most crimes are done by under class. Edwin saide no so; white collar commit
crime related to work and cost billion. Burny Madeoff- huge investment fund-cheated ppl ot of 50 billion
dollar. Ppl lost their shirts. White collar crimes cost society 40X as much as street crimes. DIFF between
street and white collar crimes: white collar crimes do not encounter physical violiance where street
crimes encounter physical violence ( ex; mugging, break and enter, car theft). So southern found that
large corporation are convicted of 890. copyright infringement: white collar write a song, or
develop patent (new discovery) belongs to a certain person and cannot be used by anyone else. Patents
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can be run out, but efore they run out, they are copy write. Price fixing: get together to
decide the price. Industrial spying: ? …forgery: faking documents, it is related to accounting, where you
say that your company is making so much money buh is not using money. Fraud: is selling something
and claiming that it represents something which it is not. embezzlement: is very common, this is stealing
money from your company. eX: bank worker. Tax paying another white collar crime… white collar
crime: unsafe workplace, selling unsafe product, or misrepresenting a product, then white collar crime,
pollution. White collar crime is treated more leniently then common crime. Cuz streets crimes are
created by underclass, they get harder on by police. Also, in recent years, courts have started to take
WCC more seriously. Ken lay Enron, accounting fraud, went to jail buh had to die. Bernie Ebbers
(WorldCom): ? Bernie Madoff (Ponzi Scheme): got life sentence for stealing, ponsy sceme: no way you
can pay ppl 50 percent interest. He paid dividens from investments and keep a track new investors. He
ran this ponsey schemes or pyramid schemes. Marchist stuwerd: a successful bussines women in
amarica, she was charged for insider trading: you are working for a company, you are aware of its
investments and future plans. Ppl who work for ppl, they are not allowed to trade apple stock. She has
no insider trader, the prosecution did a purgery trap. to the best recollecin”. Conrad Black (Argus Corp)
a canadian argus corporation, the courts used a law called a honest services. He chanced this law, it
went to the supreme caourt. They charged them with 50 crimes and 4 of them stuck. The courts going
stuff on white collar criminals. Stereotype: org crimes are done by Italians. Hollywood can be blamed
too. Donny brosco was a movie. Irish white collar crimes was widespread. The scotch invented
bootlegging> selling Alcohol illegally. The scots owned their skills in making illegal boast. Bootlegging
was a common illegal crime in America from 1900-1932. Silicon organized crime is called the Sicilian
Cosa Nostra. Thousands of jews in early part of century many turned to org crimes ,g: movie casino-
livestore of bugsy segoal set up the flaming a gamboling, or a jewish. Myer Lanski expert in money
laundering: who was a worker for Al Capone in Chicago? Money laundering: Mexican org crime: mex
police invade residence which was owned by high figure & there are rooms full of money stacks. Italian
org crime would set up an olive oil importing companies-laundered money. Laundering money is a highly
skilled activity. Other ethic groups : Russian org crime: highly sophisticated very violent. Org crime in
Japan: drive chinese org crimes: big circle boys, goshadoees, vietnamies: most in crimes..jamaican org
crimes, latin amaricans: called drug cartels: most famous crime figure come out of Columbia his name
was Pablo Escobar -multi billionaire. Movie blow starting Johnny depp: escobar is showed as top notch
cocaine trafficker. In India and pak, opium from Afghanistaan> get refined in heroine. Ethnic action
crime high level of social solidarity. It prod cohesive unit. Top of the food chain in org crime: hells and
angels is the most common crime. Hells angles make the mafia. Looks like a Sunday afternoon picnic.
Hell’s Angels is one of the newest, it arrived after WW2. Crime associated with specific ethni groups
sometimes goes back hundred of years. Hell angels are Caucasian, buh they have multiple ethinicity in
that Caucasian framework. Some German, Police, Schottish, Irick and e.t.c. Hell angels was an American
fighter Aircraft outfit thatoperated out of Chine during WW2. Where they faught against Japanese.
Andrenaline can be addicted, these fly boy operated in the flying quantran called Hell angels. They
thought it was boring and started motor cycle club. That’s how hells angels got off the ground. Hell
angels is an international, it has an international reach, it is the most powerful outfit crime in the world
today. Few years agao hell angels got into a turf war. They faught over turf because it was associated
with money (income). In few years agao, hell angels got into turf war in Quebec. The hell angels was up
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