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Andrew Mc Kinnon

EducationMass educational systems are what we live on today Religion in traditional society was the main source of knowledge which has been taken over by education Many ppl will say education is trying to replace religion This universal mass edu is recent and is still reserved for wealthy country 200 years ago ppl were illetrate literacy rate in Canada is 99 What edu does is provide uniform socialization Religion training is to isolate ppl from surrounding community Edu is become rationalize and standardize Many ppl oppose edu In America many ppl would do home schooling Mass edu does that In curriculam in uni is decided by course instructors What is the main concern of the religion How changes in the economy relate to changes in edu Steve jobs and Steve wozniak lived in California Steve jobs were a better business man then steve wozniak Apple is the largest corporation in the world with half a trillionSteve jobs and steve wozniak changed education since all of us our using PC which came from the mind of tehse two individuals The economy influences edu Edu has become heavily computerized Edu can also influence the economy Edu can influence the economy too explae of Watson and Crick the double helixbookEduational research make tht approach in the economy The functional approach and the conflict approach Functional approach Educational educations are meritocracy based on acheivements Ascription is much more impo to conflict theory thFunctionalism goes back to early French sociologists on the 19 centure Comteand spencer English man an early sociologistFuncational theory Early edu is functional It make a positive influence on the society it integrates into a functional hole Conflict theory argues tht economic filters in the basis of ability to pay Some jobs required academic credentials these credentials are questionable Many sociologists say there is too much reliance on credentials Many credentials are questionable EX MCAT LCATlack validity Many ppl argues tht test like this are questionable They often use to exclude ppl more then anithin else Another critique of edu is tht it produces class differencesConflict theory The diff between conflict theory as it is given to us by marx and NEONeo Marxist say tht edu perpetuate equality and causes conflict And conflict theory results in dissensus Functionalists say tht edu results in consensusTwo viaribles found in levels of edueducational Acheivement educantinal achievement can be hard to measure Educational Attainment easy to measure Functional approach edu socializes ppl in traditional society are also called nonliterate and culture is passed on from family to child As the division of labour increases societies become more complicated the division of labour explodes ppl call this the knowledge society When u hve a knowledge society parents cant socialize you EX if dad civil eng and u wanna be an accountant your dad doesnt hev the skill to train u Formal edu develops as the division of labour increases the knowledge society increases Kinship network are no longer properly socialize the society for the successful performance of adult growththey need trained institutioms to tht High level of literacy is required in this knowledge society includes the three R readin ritin and rithamatic numeracy Primary schools place the foundation then highschool collegeand uni branches out in various directions In schools socialize socialize not socialize by just teaching literacy and numercy formal curriculamthey also teach the informal curriculamhidden curriculam it is not apparentthey teach value believes and norms EX 0
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