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SOCA02H3 Lecture Notes - Culture Shock

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

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Marginality & Creativity
- Blacks have been responsible for creating modern music
-Over-socialization – ppl become less capable of thinking outside the box
- Ppl think according to the way culture tells them to
-Culture shock – you’re in one culture then you’re thrown into another one
-Marginal culture – individuals are more creative
- Their primary socialization is home culture – their parents
- Their secondary socialization is the host cultureoutside influences
- Creativity comes from a clash of both home & host cultures
- Double loyalties – loyal to both parents & host culture
- Partially socialized
- These individuals don’t belong to either culture
- They’re an outsider
-Synthesis – bringing diff thoughts and stringing them together
-they take elements from both cultures and bring them together in new &
diff ways
- “good” side of culturewe need it, we can’t walk or talk without it
- the other side of culture is its primary interest – social control
- can stifle freedom & creativity small homogenous cultures
-cultural robots – every ounce of originality has been squeezed out of them
- black ppl were marginalized by prejudice, discrimination & racism
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