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Environment Lecture- Week of March 15th

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Sociology- Mackinnon March 15 , 2011 Intro: Earthquakes- plates moving ontop of each other- ring of fire in pacific Earthquake in san fransisco Similarity between Christianityreligion and environment The fall- genesis- took place in garden of eden- god said to adam- you cant eat fruit from forbidden tree Fall of human nature Urban explosion, mass produce, cO2 omissions Remission of sins through indulgences to church (paying a ticket) The Disposable Society - A world where we dispose everything- 60000 kg of solid waste each day in NA- throwaway society - excess packaging = excess garbage = fast food is big offender - pens self-destruct, disposable cameras, lightbulbs have mercury which is highly toxic Thorstein Veblin- American sociologist came up with term: planned obscolescence (disposability) make a certain product, it will self destruct in a while -people in the developed world consume 50 times more steel than the people in the third world -we live in a cleaner environment (developed world) -80% of our solid wastes is not burned or recycled= natural decay= landfill site (running out of themnobody wants a landfill site) - landfills can pollute water -pay tax on disposing old tire -guelph- garbage man collects organicwet waste and they make fertilizer - need water for everything= hydrological cycle - Hydrological cycle: the earth naturally recycles water; 97% of all water in the world is in the oceans; the sun hits it it evaporates; forms clouds; water evaporates at a lower temp than most pollutants; water vapour that rises is pure; rain water is relatively pure; pollutants if there are any get left behind rainwater falls on to land masses, streams rivers then back to ocean- recycling process (nature recycles) - water supply: Mesopotamia, china, Egypt, Rome, had water rights, were specified in law -middle east use a lot of ground water- rising population water levels could become critical water is required for irrigation -Saudi Arabia has huge desalinization technology- takes salt (ocean salt) from ocean water- most water supplied is from this technology - population growth puts a strain on water resources, globe consumes 4x the water it consumed in 1950
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