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Lecture 3

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Lecture 3Jan31Norm is relative and contextual and exist in social relations Social relations are always normativeNorms always have a quality which is characterizedNorms around what we should do are deeply internalizedThey always have a quality which is characterized by norms and ideas and attributes and conduct and that is why norms are so powerful and exist in mundane ways that we arent conscious of why norms are also very large in universal and idealisticNorms are always social how quickly norms can be contested and you can define modern politics in a certain way as the conflict that exists between public culture norms and lawOne of the main things about law and regulation is the legal gapLaw is always a gap and it never matches what social norms are and that is one of the reasons of the most successful human movementsPicture of bus line it is a line to wait for the busPeople line up because it is a normWhat is the quality of those norms Why is it important for you to stand in a lineThe norm of being civilized and showing civility and consideration and respect those norms dont always exists but in this example it does and those are all norms internalized deeplyInternalized norms are mundane and we do them without even being aware of themNorms about what you should look like or how you should look like is deeply internaliz
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