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Lecture 4

Culture-Lecture 4-War and Peace Mar 19 2009

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University of Toronto St. George
Marcel Danesi

Lecture 4: War & Peace I. Introduction N Even though we might share many same ideas- we wont share them all=disagreement N How to deal with conflict N :K4:7.:O9:7,O84O:9L438,7039Z47NL3J th N 20 century= age of massacres N Most violent age of time II. Keeping the Peace N Conflict Resolution in Small Scale Societies o Because we can speak and remember- we argue o How we resolve disagreement has to do with cultural ideas more so than biology o If you are raised to resolve conflict through violence that is what you will do and vice versa o Small face to face social groups (20-50 ppl) o Conflict resolution is quite different in small scale societies o Goal is to always preserve long term viability of social group o Resolve conflict- social remains intact o No one wants to see conflict in the permanent loss of members o EX 1: Inuit society; Greenland Living through artic winter in small spaces= occasional disputes Song duel- resolution When 2 ppl in conflict-> no understanding w each other-> 1 challenge other to song dual As each develop song- they would involve familyfriends Moment of song duel, community assemble, ppl participate Audience decides winner Whole communities decides in decision Resolve conflict without violence Brings community together (good laughput differences aside) o Gossip: talking about each others behaviour, passing judgment Can be benign Sharing info
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