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lec24 Nat part2

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Michael Baker

BCH210H1LECTURE 24Case Study Nat Part 2Platelet aggregates containing platelets and other blood cells can form at and stick to the plaque surfaceoSuch an aggregate is known as a thrombusBlood flowing past the plaque can break up the thrombus into smaller free aggregates called emboliEmboli will flow in the blood until they hit a small artery and then they cause ischemia by blocking that artery and depriving a specific brain or heart region of bloodoThus there is poor supply of oxygen and glucose to this areaFor Nat this meant for a time he couldnt talk as his speech centre was ischemicoThe rest of his brain did receive a reasonable blood supplyThis short period of ischemia with a specific loss of function is known as a TIAoTIAs usually last less than 1 hourHowever TIAs are very important indicators of possible coming strokes where a larger brain area may become ischemic for a longer time and the loss of function may be permanentoClusters of TIAs are very strong stroke indicatorsTIAs can result in temporary blindness one or both sides blurred vision dizziness blackouts slurred speech unintelligible loss of sensation or movement on one sideSo observe carefully your older relativesyou could save their lives1
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