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Bio lab 3 notes Oct 31 2009

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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Bio lab 3 Population genetics Evolution acts on population A population is all the members of the same species that live in one loaction ,Lo[ZoZJ segregation of2alleles 2ns independent assortment Hardy-Weinberg equation J p +2pq+q =1 When there is no changes in the gene pool genetic equilibrium (allele freuqncies will not change from generation to generation) will only occur if~ 1. Population is large enough to be unaffected by random gene change (mutation and gene drift) 2. No gene flow (immigration or emigration) 3. No mutations occur or there is mutational equilibrium 4. Reprodution is random 5. Natural selection is not acting on a particular phenotype. Cases in lab: Case 1: random mating, no selection Case 2: selection Case 3: heterozygote advantage Case 4: genetic drift J a change in allele frequency within a population that occurs porely as a result of chance~ Genetic drift will cause polulation to lose their heterozygotes, and to become comprised entirely of homozygous individuals. Founder effect J only the alleles of the founding individuals are passed to next generation Populations that are initially large and then are reduced dramatically in size are
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