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Lecture 16

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University of Toronto St. George

LecturePopulation growth formula otherwise known as the logistics equation refers to dNdtr x N x KNKdNchange in abundance dtchange in time dndtchange in abundance over timerintrinsic rate of population growth Kcarrying capacityFor population growth before the K2 mark population growth accelerates until reaching a certain point population growth deceleratesAs N approaches K dndt approaches zeroFor the logistics equation this can be used to predict harvestingHow much to take out of a population and etcFor harvesting if populations are harvested to 90 of K they will recover to KIf populations are harvested till they are 10 of K thenit is believed that exponential growth phase will reoccurThe challenge is to know which percentage to harvest in order to maximize growth rateThe inflection point states that population increase is maximized at K2Stock Recruitment and Harvest CurveIf you read the two vertical lines at the two 10 and 90 harvest this is the lower growth rateHowever at k2 stock population recruitment and harvest is the greatestTheoretically ideal scenarioIs it possible for this model to workA best case scenario must factor out random chancew eather seasonal fluctuations predation and soonIn the best case scenario this doesnt work than this model will not workExploring a best case scenario
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